Our History

A congregation in the City of Fairfax
fairfaxcourthouse New Hope is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). The PCA was founded in 1973 by several hundred congregations separating from what was then known as the Southern Presbyterian Church (PCUS). Since then the PCA has grown to include over 1,700 churches and missions throughout the United States and Canada.

New Hope was planted in the fall of 1989 when several families from McLean Presbyterian Church began a mission work in central Fairfax, not far from the famous Fairfax Courthouse. We were officially organized as a congregation on November 4, 1990.

Our Life Together

bapt1 Spiritual worship
We delight in our great God, believing that man's chief end is to glorify Him and to enjoy Him forever. The worship of God is at the heart of our calling, and we believe that the same gracious Word that calls us to worship reveals how we may do so in a manner acceptable to Him. Daily private and family worship bears fruit in weekly public worship on the Lord's Day, as we gather in faith to pray, sing His praises, confess our sins, hear His Word, share at His Table, and express our thanksgiving in offerings. As the Lord blesses, we rejoice in the celebration of covenant baptism as well.

Witness and vocation
In the circumstances of daily life our calling is to bear witness to the transforming power of our Lord, whose sacrificial death reconciles us to God, and whose resurrection life brings us abundant life now, and eternal life to come. Through our callings we seek to serve the Lord in the power of the Spirit, who is the sole source of the new birth, the purifying fire in the life of the believer, and the preserving power upholding us in all things. By the Spirit we grow in the practice of godliness, taking "every thought captive to the obedience of Christ," doing all we do as unto the Lord, whether at work or at play, in our family or in our community. Yet we believe that Christ's kingdom is a spiritual kingdom built by spiritual means: our church, as a church, does not "intermeddle with civil affairs which concern the commonwealth."

Our Doctrine

The "God-breathed" Scriptures are our supreme authority for faith and practice, the final, sufficient, and infallible revelation of God's mind and will for His church.

Not limited to any one time, race, or geographical region, the church of Jesus Christ is catholic or universal. New Hope belongs to a branch of that universal church, acknowledging all as brothers and sisters in Christ who share with us in the essentials of the faith once for all delivered to the saints.

We are a Protestant congregation, committed to the doctrine that a disobedient people can find justification before God only by the finished work of Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God, received by faith alone.

The Scripture proclaims the sovereignty of God's grace in salvation—a message secured in our adherence to the American form of the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms—a faithful systematic statement of the Bible's simple message, "God saves sinners," unfolded in its fullest biblical richness.

Our Government

Though the essential marks of the church are the preaching of the Word of God, the celebration of the sacraments, and the exercise of church discipline, we believe that the government appointed by Christ for the church's well-being is Presbyterian. Church unity is affirmed in a system of assemblies of Elders, ascending from the local church Session, through the regional Presbytery, to the General Assembly, which in one body represents all the congregations of our denomination. Government is exercised through the ministry of Elders, called by God and recognized by the people. The rule of Christ through His Word is administered in the church with authority, while the principle of the liberty of conscience is upheld. Our denomination’s Book of Church Order sets forth our fundamental convictions concerning church government, discipline, and worship, as well as the common-sense rules by which we’ve agreed to order our church life in those areas.

New Hope's officers
Senior Pastor Dave Coffin
Associate Pastor Paul Wolfe
Visit our Pastors page to learn more about Dave and Paul.

Ruling Elders
Paul Balserak
Bill Chambers
Steve Edwards
Fred Kuhl
Mark Leone
Wes Wilson

Chris Hamaker
Peter Lo
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