Missions Principles

Seeking to be guided by Scripture as we participate in the work of the gospel around the world, the Session of New Hope has adopted the following principles of missions support:

  1. That in "missions" God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), according to his eternal and unfailing purpose, is gathering his elect, to the glory of His grace, and passing by others, to the glory of His justice;
  2. That the divinely appointed means to this end is the gathered church, sending ministers (and those who assist them) into the world, so that by the preaching of the Gospel, attended with the sovereign blessing of the Spirit, a people (professed believers and their children) might be gathered into a body, among whom the ministry of Word and sacrament is established, to the glory of God's grace;
  3. That such "sending" includes the approval of and accountability to the Elders of the church (whether Session, Presbytery, or General Assembly), and the prayer and financial support of the congregation;
  4. That those sent by New Hope should be committed to declare the whole counsel of God as summarized and set forth in our doctrinal standards (that is, distinctively Reformed and Presbyterian in doctrine);
  5. That church-planting must be the primary focus, and all other works supported only as justified by some plain scriptural connection to this goal;
  6. That the person(s) supported should have the potential for a long-term relationship of support and accountability with the Elders and the congregation (with priority given to someone from our own congregation, then Presbytery, then General Assembly; then to other Reformed and Presbyterian denominations); and
  7. That works that have a relevance to the particular strengths and interests of our congregation (for example, theological education, Reformed literature, etc.) should have a special priority for consideration.

Mission Works

In keeping with these guiding principles, New Hope supports the following mission works with our prayer and financial provision:

Denominational Agencies

New Hope also supports the mission agencies of our denomination, the Presbyterian Church in America:

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