PCA-LogoIn case you’re curious what the word ”Presbyterian” means, it refers to a particular understanding of the Bible’s teaching concerning how the church is to be governed. The word “Presbyterian” comes from the Greek word meaning “Elder” (the books of the New Testament were originally written in Greek), so “Presbyterianism” refers to a system in which government is exercised through the ministry of Elders, called by God and recognized by the people.

Local, regional, national

Church unity is affirmed in a system of assemblies of Elders, ascending from the local church Session, through the regional Presbytery, to the General Assembly, which in one body represents all the congregations of our denomination. The rule of Christ through his Word is administered in the church with authority, while each believer's liberty of conscience is upheld. Our denomination’s Book of Church Order sets forth our fundamental convictions concerning church government, discipline, and worship, as well as the common-sense rules and regulations by which we’ve agreed to order our church life in those areas.
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