A gathering in Richmond

The 51st General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America is to meet June 11-14 in Richmond, Virginia. The General Assembly is the annual gathering of Elders from throughout the denomination to consider issues of common concern to the churches, as well as uniting in worship and fellowship as God's people. It's part conference, part business meeting, part family reunion...all rolled into one!

The business at hand

Throughout the months since the previous General Assembly, the regional courts of our denomination (called "presbyteries") approve requests for action on the part of the next Assembly. These overtures cover a wide variety of subjects, everything from rearranging the boundaries of our presbyteries to amending our church law to issuing statements about current events in the life of the church. New Hope's Assistant Pastor Dave Coffin has prepared a summary of the overtures that will be considered by this year's Assembly, along with his personal preliminary comments. Below also find the docket for this year's Assembly, and a guide for prayer.

For further information

To learn more about the 2024 General Assembly, visit the official website.
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